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Our goal is to become the ideal partner for customers, with the aim of satisfying their needs as effectively as possible by offering finished products of the highest quality.

We specialise in the automotive, domestic appliance and household sectors, including furnishings, building and agricultural equipment, heating and air conditioning.

Large selection of machines, with more than 20 presses served by electronic lines, divided into three departments to satisfy small, medium and large sized mouldings.


The need to maintain high product standards, also in relation to meeting the high level of customer expectations, has led the Management of MA.SA.FA to constantly direct its efforts towards continuous improvement in its performance and ability to satisfy the customers' increasingly demanding requirements also in compliance with the technologies and innovations developed over the years.


The Management of MA.SA.FA has therefore undertaken to highlight these distinctive elements and consolidate its market position within the region where it traditionally focuses its activities, making use, in that connection, of all the available instruments and resources to ensure continued growth both in terms of its organisation and management.

In this sense, the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction is the goal identified by the Management to achieve success and ensure its continuation over time.

Consequently, achieving constant improvements to the organisational structure, its services and system is the main objective pursued through the following policies:


continuous attention to situations, to changes in the reference market, to innovations in technology and science, to the development of national and regional legislation and to the reactions of customers to the services that are proposed and implemented;

involvement in the company's objectives at all levels and continuing education;

analysis of the achievement of quality objectives also in the light of the effectiveness of internal communication and the degree of understanding within the Corporate Functions;

internal auditing in order to measure the degree of assimilation and implementation of the decisions taken within internal provisions;

periodic reviews for the continuous adjustment of quality objectives.

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