For the construction of sheet metal and plastic molds as well as equipment we are leaning on our affiliate so that they are fast and competitive without losing the cost of the project. We also offer all the services that revolve around our details such as static galvanizing, hot galvanizing, galvanizing, hardening, nickel plating, brining and painting of the product.

Robotic stamping island

rettifica tangenziale

Robotic stamping island, consisting of 250ton press and 30 kg robots.


We have many cutting-edge machining and machining machineries as well as a well-trained and competent staff that allows us to follow step-by-step the processing of a product, from the initial idea of ​​the customer to the finished result and Tangible with hand.


The products obtained are used in a variety of areas, including:

  • Urban and industrial buildings
  • lighting
  • Oggettistica varies
  • furnishings

Plastic injection molding

elettroerosione a filo

We have 2 injection molding machines:

- 40ton press and 95g dosage consisting of Cartesian Robot for feeding

- 95ton press and 250 grams dosage consisting of Cartesian robot for feeding

- 50 ton 120 ounces of anchored dosing dough equipped with Cartesian robot for feeding

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